Award for solar electric catamaran

First prize awarded for the best innovation: Okeanos Pearl solar boat   December 2017 - President Edouard Fritch and Tourism Minister Nicole Bouteau announced the winners of the 1st edition of the Tourism Awards in French Polynesia. The award for best innovation went to the Okeanos Pearl, the first solar electric boat in French Polynesia, designed by Soel Yachts. The Bora…...

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Launch of the SoelCat 12 in New Zealand

The future of coastal water boating is solar electric Looking at the global trends and developments towards clean and environment friendly innovations, alternatives like solar electric propelled vessels could have the biggest growth potential in the near future! Although there seems to be enough awareness for electric alternatives in the automotive industry, the market of electric propelled vessels seems very…...

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Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2017

  This month the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) presented the finalists for the Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2017. This annual award is among the highest accolades in the industry and represents the gold standard for sustainable tourism. Soel Yachts is recognised as one of the three finalists for the Innovation Award of WTTC.  Soel Yachts’ sustainable solar electric vessels…...

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