Electric Dreams

A photovoltaic dream in delicious shades of carbon fiber, solar cells and lush orange leather. Long before the Tesla Model S turned heads, this solar electric carbon fibre speedboat cruised the bay of Monaco at 30 knots. At Soel Yachts we materialise your electric dream boat, others deemed impossible.

Integral design

The solar electric speedboat has been designed for electric propulsion from the first line drawing. The unique solar electric naval architecture approach is what makes our boats truly unique and well performing. Quality in craftsmanship, system reliability, performance and durability are top priorities. The lightweight monocoque hull of the electric craft is made from carbon fiber. The result: 100% performance and fun on the water.

Solar electric naval architecture

Excellent craftmanship

The electric speedboat features photovoltaic cells on almost all horizontal surfaces and an LCD touch-screen control system. It measures 10 meters in length, and 14 square meters of solar area. Since the electric speedboat relies on an electric motor, no noise is emitted, making a quiet and peaceful pleasure craft. The propulsion system operates on 400V and delivers unparalleled power to accelerate the electric speedboat like no other boat.

Length 10 m 33 ft
Beam 2.7 m 9 ft
Electric Motor 80 kW 2.1 ft
Battery Capacity 26 kWh
V max 30 kn
Displacement 950 kg


Communication is a high priority for us. We strive to develop every project to meet each clients specific requests. Throughout the selection procedure, the building process and the delivery of the electric yacht, a continual stream of communication with our clients is highly encouraged and allows us to care for your individual wishes. Get in contact with us today for your personal quote for your own solar electric yacht.


When you are out on the water enjoying a boat cruise, what more appropriate power source is there than the sun? Whether you require an electric speedboat, an autonomous day cruiser or a solar electric powered yacht, Soel Yachts can help you realise your dream. Our expertise lies in solar-electric, plug-in and hybrid vessels. While having naval architecture and electric system expertise in house, we can design the boat according to your specific needs. Get in contact with one of our Soel Yachts representatives to discuss the possibilities for your electric boat!