From the very inception of the first line drawing, each element of our solar electric boats is purposefully and intricately designed and engineered to achieve the utmost efficiency in clean solar electric propulsion. Our engineering team possesses a unique skill set encompassing electric naval architecture and electrical system integration, resulting in unparalleled performance and endurance.



Our electric propulsion systems excel in terms of power density and system weight. With an average of just 1 kg per kilowatt (1 kg/kW), our PMS electric drive train stands as the lightest and most powerful system in its class. This achievement is built on our extensive experience in ocean-going solar electric naval architecture and photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems, a legacy that dates back to 2007, and it’s now powering our solar electric yachts to perfection.



Marine-grade lithium-polymer batteries serve as the robust foundation of our system, complete with comprehensive safety features. Our integrated systems showcase modular, semi-custom lithium-polymer batteries ranging from 24V up to 800Vdc, ideal for high-power applications. With a proven track record of over 15 years on our vessels, these batteries are renowned for exceptional quality, energy density, and reliable operation, making them well-equipped to meet your power needs.



With only one moving part the electric system is basically maintenance free compared to any conventional fossil fuel powered motor. This allows for less headache about replacements of engines or dirty oils and results in a substantial amount of money saved at the end of every single year.

The total cost of ownership of the solar electric boats is approximately 20% of what a conventionally powered vessel costs over the years for operational costs (fuel), maintenance costs (consumables, service parts, etc.) and rebuild costs (investment for new engine after several hours of operation).



For complete peace of mind our dedicated customer services team is always on standby. Offering remote technical support and advice for every Soel Yachts owner is one of our highest priorities. We are in this together.
Working with the latest software for updates and troubleshooting enables us to keep your modern boat on the highest standards. Whether you require warranty support, spare parts, system upgrades or a service visit anywhere in the world, our competent service team is not far away and pleased to help you further with what you need.

All of Soel Yachts sustainable electric boats are equipped with Naval DC’s smart technology for an integrated monitoring and alarm and control systems, the Naval UI.
The Naval UI alarm and monitoring interface for electric boats presents all relevant system data and offers remote monitoring and service support from Soel Yachts partner Naval DC.





All of our sustainable vessels are equipped with smart technology for an integrated monitoring, alarm & control system. The user interface can be viewed on a range of monitors or smart devices  — even your phone or tablet. It presents all relevant system data from your electric boat and enables us to offer remote monitoring and service support.




Our solar electric boats can even be used as  mobile power stations and provide AC inverter power for the mainland. The excessive solar energy can be used to feed back energy to the grid.


Most resorts use desalination systems to produce fresh water for laundry, showers and cleaning — an average energy consumption of 3 kWh for every m3 of water produced. Plug the SoelCat 12 into your grid and you can make the equivalent of 2000L fresh water with the harvested energy, per hour. The mobile power capabilities allow you to be fully energy autonomous without the need for any extra generator!

Electric boat SoelCat 12, called Okeanos Pearl is operating at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort