Electrifying maritime mobility since 2007


With everything we do we believe in creating a meaningful experience. By following our mission, we specialize in crafting electric boats and yachts, driven by our unwavering commitment to accelerate the transition to sustainable and autonomous mobility on the water. Our specialized team represents the perfect blend of expertise in naval architecture, design, and electric system integration to tailor the solution to your individual requirements.


Pioneers in high-performance solar electric yachts

With our extensive expertise in electrifying solar electric yachts dating back to 2007, we have been at the forefront of the solar yachts industry. Our journey includes pioneering in-house developed integral solar electric systems, ensuring an extraordinary sailing experience with the ultimate state of peace of mind.

Integral design & engineering


By combining naval architecture and system integration expertise under one roof, we meticulously tailor every aspect of your boat for its intended purpose. We achieve this by crafting highly efficient hull designs perfectly harmonized with the solar electric propulsion system. This integral design approach allows us to meet your unique operational requirements and deliver a reliable, extremely well performing solution.

A remedy for every purpose

Our innovative technology and design approach enables the electrification of high-performance recreational yachts and professional watercraft.

our history


In the heart of Soel Yachts’ journey, there’s a remarkable story of dedication to sustainable yachting. Our vessels, driven by cutting-edge solar electric technology, have collectively ventured over 600,000 nautical miles on pure electric power. To put it in perspective, that’s equivalent to circumnavigating the globe an astonishing 27 times!

– In 2007, we made history with the launch of the world’s first and fastest solar electric carbon speedboat.

– Since 2007, we’ve been offering consultancy and delivering cutting-edge solar electric propulsion systems to renowned boat manufacturers and private customers.

– From 2009 to 2017, we gained extensive experience by providing solar electric (auxiliary) propulsion systems for 16 ocean-crossing catamarans, completing several impressive circumnavigations around the world.

– 2014 marked the establishment of Soel Yachts in the Netherlands.

– In 2014, we introduced the design of the SoelCat 12, featuring an in-house developed electric propulsion system based on our years of project experience, dating back to the first electric speedboat built in 2009.

– 2016 witnessed the commencement of SoelCat 12 production in Auckland, New Zealand.

– In 2017, we proudly launched the world’s first solar electric excursion vessel, the SoelCat 12, in French Polynesia’s Bora Bora.

– 2019 saw us kick off the production of the Soel Shuttle 14 in Qingdao, China.

– As of 2021, we had successfully supplied Soel Shuttle 14 ferries to a prestigious 5-star resort in French Polynesia.

– The year 2021 also marked the launch of the Soel Senses series, encompassing high eco performance and modern luxury. It all began with the Soel Senses 48 design for a client in the British Virgin Islands.

– In 2022, we embarked on the exciting 62ft Soel Senses 62 solar electric yacht design project for Swiss clients.

– Currently, in 2023, we’re actively working on the design of the Soel Senses 82, an 82ft solar electric world explorer.


Our small series production boats are designed to achieve ultimate performance. Together with our team of competent boat builders, we redefine every project and challenge the status quo. Adapting the construction of every model to smart building methods to ensure the construction of durable, yet lightweight boats.  DISCOVER TECHNOLOGY


Service support


We’ve established a remote control and alarm system for maintenance support. We collaborate with local partners, and our global team is ready to travel anywhere to ensure your electric yacht’s service and maintenance. Our experienced engineers are at your service, offering their expertise and guidance whenever required. You can rely on our seasoned team for comprehensive technical support.

Enjoy the sea on an electric boat
Customer experience

“The noise free solar electric boat makes you enjoy being outside even more! Whenever you treat yourself to this experience, you will find total relaxation and enjoy doing something for your wellbeing and the health of the environment. Spending your time and money wisely on something meaningful is what truly matters.”

M. Capulli from France


Soel Yachts is proud to have been nominated for coveted awards on numerous occasions not only for the appearance, but also the innovative and sustainable character of our solar electric boats. Every revolution needs its supporters, and we would like to thank everyone, who is eager enough to scale positive impact! For more information about collaborations, please get in contact with Soel Yachts.