SoelCat 12

Electric Catamaran

Solar electric – no more fuel

The SoelCat 12 is an energy autonomous solar electric excursion catamaran and yacht, designed from the ground up as a fully sustainable excursion vessel to enjoy the sea. As a result, the solar catamaran brings true eco-tourism to water-bound operators, communities, resorts, lagoons and nature reserves. With no CO2 or noise emissions involved, we can save the ocean and offer a better experience to our guests! The heart of the concept is silence: being on board without any distractions lets the journey become the destination!

Length 11.80 m 39 ft
Beam 5.80 m 19 ft
Draught 0.70 m 2.3 ft
Displacement 6 ton 13.200 lb
Solar Power 8.6 kWp
Battery Capacity 2x 60 kWh
Electric Motor 2x 30 kW
V max 13 kn
V service 8 kn
V break even 6 kn
Passengers 12 – 20
Crew 4
CE Design Category C
Solar electric yacht désigner Soel Yachts

“Being on the solar catamaran gives you a feeling of total relaxation and freedom. The energy autonomous boat is powered by clean energies and we don’t have to worry about harming the environment with dirty exhaust fumes, fossil fuels or complicated maintenance! Our guests love the quietness and the openness of the vessel, which make every sunset cruise a very special moment!”


S. Dekeunynck, French Polynesia

electric from the start

The SoelCat 12 solar electric excursion catamaran is integrally designed for electric propulsion right from the first line drawing to the matched propeller. Every aspect of this vessel contributes towards its highly efficiency for solar electric sailing. The lightweight yet durable fibreglass construction, the large solar roof and the super slender hulls are the major key factors for the solar vessel’s high performance when it comes to speed and range. The electric propulsion system for the SoelCat 12 is superior when it comest to volume and weight.


During downtime, the SoelCat 12 can utilise its large solar array to provide energy for your land based electricity grid. The solar electric catamaran then turns into a mobile power station and is able to feed 8.6kWp into the AC grid or provide power at remote places where no grid is available. The 120kWh lithium battery system supplies all the energy required for save operations during day and night.


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Running hours at different speeds in knots

  • Running Time (battery only)
  • Running Time (with solar)
Two iPad's to control the solar electric catamaran: the SoelCat 12 by Soel Yachts
Solar yacht design by Soel Yachts

“Every detail on the boat is perfect – gorgeous spaces to relax, great spots to view the sunset or the marine life, and even a bar! My favorite moment of all was after sunset, when an incredible manta ray came to say hello, drawn by the underwater lights of the solar catamaran.”


S. Lee, New Zealand

fully customizable

The deck space of the solar electric boat can be customised to your wishes and host a variety of seating arrangements and layouts. Choose classic yacht fittings, luxurious and comfortable. Or practical and economical deck wear and simple bench setup for water taxi services. Furthermore, the electric catamaran can be equipped with a day head in the port side hull. Get in contact with us now to learn more about the different options and to discuss your personal requirements with your Soel Yachts contact partner.

Boat interior solar electric catamaran


The solar electric catamaran can be equipped with removable roll down screens on every side for flexibility in every situation. Screens for sun shading can be applied on good days, while transparent rain screens protect your guests in bad weather conditions. When the screens are not in use, the comfortable SoelCat 12 lounge layout offers spacious space options in the hulls and underneath the furniture.

Protection screens from the SoelCat 12 solar electric catamaran


With both the Okeanos Foundation and Soel Yachts sharing a vision of sustainable sea transport and striving for a healthier planet, we are honoured that our partner, the Okeanos Foundation has funded and supported the development of the SoelCat 12. The first SoelCat 12, named the ‘Okeanos Pearl’ is the first energy autonomous vessel for the ecotourism industry and will pave the way for more sustainable coastal water vessels in many different sectors. The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort is proving a pioneering spirit by operating the solar electric Okeanos Pearl. As the first resort, they are offering truly sustainable, noise and emission-free excursions in the pristine lagoon of Bora Bora to their guests.


The SoelCat 12 can be delivered as a demountable solar electric boat, which fits into two 40ft high cube containers. Such compact dimensions enable ease transport of the catamaran at affordable rates to destinations all over the world. Neither lamination processes or specialized tools are required for the SoelCat 12’s quick assembly on location. For more details, please feel free to follow the link below and discuss your project requirements with your Soel Yachts partner!