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solar electric naval architecture

With everything we do we believe in creating a meaningful experience. By following our mission, we create designs that are fully sustainable and highly efficient. Since 2016 Soel Yachts offers solar electric boats, which are fully energy autonomous and silent on the water. As a highly specialised company in the Netherlands, we optimise every boat for our clients needs. Every project benefits from the drive to deliver the best experience, while contributing a positive impact on the wellbeing of people and the environment.

Integrally designed

With the capacity of naval architecture and system integration in house, we make sure every aspect of your boat is made for it purpose. The way we do this is by designing very efficient hull lines and perfectly match them with the solar electric propulsion system of the boat. By following this integral design approach, we can serve the needs of your desired operational profile and deliver a reliable solution.


Our design and engineering team makes sure that your electric craft complies with international standards and often local requirements. We are familiar with the rules and regulations of most classification societies and we can guide you through local Flag State requirements in order to get your navigation permit. Whether it is for pleasure crafts according to the Recreational Craft Directive, Commercial Directives or for a Passenger Vessel notation. This is what sets Soel Yachts apart from other electric boats manufacturers.


Our small series production boats are designed to achieve ultimate performance. Together with our team of competent boat builders, we redefine every project and challenge the status quo. Adapting the construction of every model to smart building methods to ensure the construction of durable, yet lightweight boats.


Our team is available to fly anywhere in the world to support the service of your Soel Yacht. If required, trained local technicians are assisting Soel Yachts on your electric boat. Our craftsmen and engineers know your solar electric boat better than anyone. They are there for you to share their expertise and provide advice whenever needed. You can trust our experienced team for technical support.

Ocean proven

We share our experience of more than 12 years of solar electric naval architecture with our loyal clients and partners. Naval DC and the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea have supported Soel Yachts tremendously in the past years, in order to set an example for sustainable transport on the water. Together with their fleet of more than 12 energy autonomous free vessels in the Pacific, the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea is committed to empower island nations by providing fully fossil fuel free transport. We are very grateful to be part of this journey, which has a huge impact on the people’s  culture, wellbeing and the environment.

Electric boat manufacturer Soel Yachts

“To take in the Pacific rays on the solar boat was one of the most meaningful trips of my life! Solar electric boats are changing the way we move on the water, which is crucial for every water bound destination that depends on the liveliness of the marine world and the health of the environment.”


T. Viliamu, New Zealand


Soel Yachts is proud to have been nominated for coveted awards on numerous occasions not only for the appearance, but also the innovative and sustainable character of our solar electric boats. Every revolution needs its supporters, and we would like to thank everyone, who is eager enough to scale positive impact! For more information about collaborations, please get in contact with Soel Yachts.