With dedication and passion for high tech, sustainability and excellent design, Soel Yachts creates solar electric yachts that promise high efficiency, low emissions, outstanding comfort, low maintenance, and significantly reduced costs of ownership.

A clean experience


Our solar electric catamarans brings together all elements for a luxurious and equally conscious aquatic lifestyle. Originating from the fascination for excellent performance, sustainable design and supreme comfort, the Soel Yachts range truly embodies the future of sustainable yachting. With no C02 or noise emissions on board you can reconnect with your senses and fully enjoy the ease.

Solar electric yacht interior

electric models


The Soel Yachts portfolio offers solar electric catamarans for both private and commercial applications. With the vast experience gathered trough different projects worldwide and boats successfully performing on a daily basis for many years, we gladly can discuss individual requirements and find the ideal solution for your preferred electric yacht and destination.


Timeless design of a 62ft solar electric yacht for those dreaming about the freedom to explore the globe in a fully sustainable and comfortable way.


The 82ft solar electric yacht features 66 state-of-the-art 440 Wp solar panels and an electric propulsion system for clean and quiet world cruising.


An energy autonomous solar electric excursion catamaran for day cruises. This is where elegance meets cutting-edge technology and a vision for a brighter future unfolds.


The Soel Shuttle 14 is the ideal zero-emission vessels, capable of transporting people in cities and coastal water destinations in a sustainable and smart way.



Our in-house developed solar electric propulsion system, rigorously tested for over 16 years, delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and unmatched autonomy. By optimising not only the system, but also the hulls of the vessel for the purpose of being electric, unrivalled efficiency and performance can be achieved.

Customisations & flexibility


At Soel Yachts design, naval architecture and electric propulsion integration exist in perfect symbiosis, equipping the in-house team with the right skill set to realise custom requirements. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of electric naval architecture Soel Yachts can offer outstanding consultancy, together with the necessary flexibility when it comes to your individual demands for the system and design. We highly welcome personal wishes and enjoy the process of being together in the evolution of your dream yacht coming true.

Enjoy the sea on an electric boat


‚ÄúThe noise free solar electric boat makes you enjoy being outside even more! Whenever you treat yourself to this experience, you will find total relaxation and enjoy doing something for your wellbeing and the health of the environment. Spending your time and money wisely on something meaningful is what truly matters.”


M. Capulli from Doha


Auckland from an electric catamaran, designed by Soel Yachts


Cruising electric in Auckland, New Zealand


Make your boat electric with Soel Yachts