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The Soel Shuttle 14 series has been designed to accommodate our customers need for clean passenger transport on the water. The Soel Shuttle 14 was developed as a multi-purpose vessel, catering to the various needs of water bound resorts, municipalities and shuttling companies. Providing sustainable water taxi and shuttle services to your guests, will enable you to stand out from other business with an extraordinary service. 

Sustainable design


The Soel Shuttle 14 design responds to an ever increasing market demand for a zero-emission vessels, capable of transporting people in cities and coastal water destinations in a sustainable and smart way. Sailing electric ensures no local emissions; no smells; less noise and fewer costs, benefitting both owner and environment.



Length 14.5 m | 47.6 ft
Beam 5.1 m | 16.7 ft
Draught 0.7 m | 2.3 ft
Displacement (fully loaded) 9.5 ton
Solar Power 920 Wp
Battery Capacity (more capacity optional) 2x 53 kWh
Electric Motor (higher power optional) 2x 40 kW
V max 14 knots
V cruise 9 knots
Range @ Vcruise 45 nm
Hull shape Displacement multihull
Construction Composite sandwich (vacuum infusion)
Crew 2-3
Classification Bureau Veritas Passenger Vessel


With the Soel Shuttle 14, Soel Yachts offers a viable solution for a fully outfitted electric vessel authorized for commercial transport of up to 22 guests and two crew. It is built according to Bureau Veritas passenger vessel standards and approved by Affaires Maritimes Division 223b passenger vessels. Bureau Veritas is one of the world’s leading certification bodies with high standarts for engineering, design and build of the passenger vessels. Soel Yachts’ mission is at the heart of key challenges: quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Side view solar electric yacht Soel Senses 48

Integral match

The delivered Soel Shuttle 14 vessels have 2x 40 kW electric motors and 106 kWh of battery power installed. However, multiple motor and battery capacity options are available to tailor the vessel’s performance to the clients’ needs. The boats’ performance during sea trials have shown better results than contracted, having achieved a 1.5 knots higher top speed of 14 knots. This is the result of the perfectly matched propulsion system and propeller with the hull lines, which were CFD optimized specifically for electric propulsion.


Worldwide shipment

The Soel Shuttle model has been designed as a solar electric ferry, which can be delivered to any destination in the world. Whether you need to transport guests on lakes, rivers or coastal areas, the Soel Shuttle 14 is the perfectly suited for sweet and saltwater applications. The advanced composite construction ensures durability, yet lightness, which is key when it comes to performance.


Eco Tourism with an electric ferry


The Soel Shuttle 14 primarily takes on the role as transport shuttles for guests, offering unique PR values while keeping the cost of ownership tremendously low. A true win-win and an important statement to the hotel industry, where boat emissions account for the largest part of a resort’s CO2 footprint.


With no emissions involved, the Soel Shuttle 14 offers en exceptional experience at very low running costs. The design of the electric catamaran has been optimised to provide first class comfort to passengers, but also flexibility to boat owner wishes. Choose a practical set up with comfortable benches or a lounge layout for exclusive tours. The multi-functional electric catamaran is as suited to guest transportation as to unique private tours. Get in contact with your Soel Yachts representative today to discuss your needs.

Electric boat company

“As a locally-owned hotel group, promoting sustainable tourism and a better future for the islands matters a lot! We are proud to make a true change by operating a fleet of fossil fuel free vessels for guest pickups and excursions. While the experience for our guests has improved significantly, the savings for fossil fuels are tremendous. The longterm benefits are priceless!“


A. Kamin, FHP Hotel Group, French Polynesia

electric System

The fossil fuel free ferry has been designed to carry guests in comfort, without having to make any compromises on the performance. The Soel Shuttle 14 benefits from Naval DC’s solar electric system, tested for more than a decade on the open ocean. By focusing on true efficiency and performance, we set the new standard for the industry. For more information about system options for the electric boat please get in contact with us by following the link below.