Welcome the Soel Senses 62, a fully sustainable solar electric yacht for silent cruising with trans-ocean capabilities. State of the art technology is combined with modern design, to offer the highest comfort and pleasure on board, while providing an extremely sustainable way of cruising the oceans. With no noise distractions on board, the 62ft composite eco yacht turns into an oasis of tranquility for up to nine people and three crew.



Elegant lines flow into dynamic details, which present a fresh and inviting exterior and interior, characterized by simple and honest aesthetics. The solar electric yacht provides the right balance between minimalistic and modern yet timeless design with a warm and delicate style.


Length 18.8 m | 61.5 ft
Beam 10.3 m | 33.6 ft
Draught 0.96 m | 3.1 ft
Displacement (lightship) 36 ton
Solar power 18.5 kWp
Solar energy harvest ~ 120 kWh / day
Battery capacity standard 282 kWh
Battery capacity performance 424 kWh
Battery capacity extended range 142 kWh extra
DC genset standard 60 kW
DC genset performance 100 kW
Electric motor standard 2x 100 kW
Electric motor performance 2x 200 kW
V max 12-14 kn
V cruise 8-10 kn
Range Trans-ocean
Water tank 1000 L
Diesel tank 1000-2000 L Diesel
Construction Composite sandwich
Crew 2-3
CE Certification category A – Ocean (12 Pax)



Central to crafting efficient zero-emissions vessels is right-sizing the propulsion system. The key advantage of Soel Yachts is that the propulsion system and the vessel are being designed together. An optimisation of the synergy between the two ensures reliability and quality for the high performance vessel, and raises the bar for future boats to come. Every project is being looked at from a naval architecture point of view, tailoring the propulsion system exactly to the vessel and the desired operational profile.



The very functional eco electric yacht gives its owner the ultimate freedom to go near and far at highest comfort while keeping the cost and emissions footprint at incredibly low levels. 44 state-of-the-art solar panels generate 17.6 kWp on the solar roof and let its owner enjoy sustainable and luxurious yachting without any noise and high fuel bills.



With little to none noise distractions on board, the Soel Senses 62 electric catamaran is the perfect home away from home. The goal is to focus on efficiency, sustainability and a clean design, with the emphasis on a streamlined, water-piercing and smooth experience.

The solar electric yacht is perfectly matched to the system and the system is perfectly matched to the yacht, resulting in an optimized range and performance.




The efficient hull shape was specifically designed for efficient electric propulsion and cruise comfort. During the engineering process several CFD analyses were carried out and special devotion was given to the integration of the electric system in order to optimize the speed and range, as well as handling and maneuverability.

Inside becomes outside


The core concept of the Soel Senses 62 has been the seamless integration of different spaces, openness and versatile usage of its features right from the beginning. While the front doors lead to a comfortable and lush front lounge area, in the back, large sliding glass doors open up the main saloon to the aft cockpit area for unique views and a no boundary connection of the interior with the exterior main deck of the solar electric yacht. This roomy solar powered yacht offers great comfort within the spacious owners cabin, two VIP guest cabins and kids cabin with three beds. The separate crew cabin with its own access assures both comfort and privacy.


Within the Soel Senses family, the client can choose from a selection of different layouts, fabrics and materials, to create a unique and personal electric yacht. A charter versions with crew cabin and galley down, or owners versions with galley up or the owners cabin on the sky deck can be chosen, while also keeping an open ear for any custom wishes. Likewise, Soel Yachts is flexible to work with the clients’ specific demands and wishes when it comes to the systems and on board gear, as well as for the tender and toys.



Want to go the extra mile? We too! Through our in-house electric naval architecture, design and system integration, Soel Yachts offers a unique approach to making your electric yacht dream come true. Please leave your name and contact details below, so that we can get in touch with you for discussing your specific wishes, pricing and build-slot availability for the Soel Senses 62 solar electric yacht.

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