two electric ferries

The Soel Yachts team is thrilled to start the year on a very good note: the production of two solar electric ferries of the Soel Shuttle 14 type has recently been completed and the Bureau Veritas approved passenger vessels are soon ready for shipment to their final destination in French Polynesia. From next year onwards guests at the Le Bora Bora Resort can enjoy emission free airport and town transfers onboard the fully sustainable ferries. With the SoelCat 12 and two Soel Shuttle 14 vessels on the water, the Le Bora Bora Resort operates a total fleet of solar electric vessels and sets the tone for a new area of fossil fuel-free transport!




Every aspect of the Soel Shuttle 14 is integrally designed for electric propulsion and contributes towards its high efficiency. From the dedicated hull design for electric propulsion, to the smart and safe lithium energy storage system: lightness is key to performance and we strive for the best quality possible. In its delivered configuration, the Soel Shuttle 14 can achieve a maximum speed of 12 knots. At a cruising speed of 7 knots the vessel features a range of 45nm. Higher speeds up to 18 knots are of course possible with higher motor power and bigger lithium battery capacity systems. With only one moving part, the electric propulsion system is basically maintenance free.




Highest efficiency by integral design

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