Ocean tracks

Ocean Proven Technology

Together with our partner Naval DC, Soel Yachts has more than 11 years of experience with ocean going solar electric vessels.

Their track record spans from 30kn solar electric speedboats to an entire fleet of solar electric sailing catamarans in the Pacific.


Together, they have logged more than 400.000nm to date.

By implementing a network of fossil fuel-free vessels in the Pacific, our partner the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea

is making it possible to set and example for sustainable transportation on our oceans.



We are able to provide our customers full 24/7 global management, service and monitoring.


Our solar electric propulsion systems are an integral design matched to the vessel’s power requirements and duty cycle. State-of-the-art technology developed by us.

Intuitive system

After years of experience we have developed the most user-friendly monitoring and control system possible. We aim for an all around satisfied customer who can use the system intuitively.
We also offer complete training to local service teams.


Exceptional quality asks for perfect craftsmanship and technology.

We only use components specifically developed for the tough marine environment.